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Late 1800’s/early 1900’s replica monocle. With gallery to fit into eye socket. Currently available in gold with brown cord. Diameter 38mm.

Historically associated with wealthy upper class men, and often paired with a morning coat and top hat, the Monocle has become something of a fashion accessory in recent decades, and can be worn by both ladies and gentleman.

What Is A Monocle?
The monocle is derived from the “quizzing glass” of the 1790’s, which featured a small handle and was held up to the eye rather than held in place around the eye socket.

While popular in the late 19th century, advances in optometry resulted in conventional glasses becoming more favoured as different strength prescription lenses could be prescribed for each eye.

How To Wear
The eyepiece is secured between the cheekbone and eyebrow by the “galleries” which protrude from the metal rim of the lens, preventing the lens from touching your eye.

Simply place it on the palm of your hand with the galleries facing upwards, raise your eyebrow, place the bottom gallery on your cheekbone first, and the top gallery comfortably below your eyebrow and then relax your eyebrow.

You’ll find the monocle sits more comfortably closer to your nose. Try practising fitting it in front of a mirror to ensure the best position and visual look and feel.

If you find that your eye appears to be stretched a little too widely open giving the appearance of surprise, it’s likely that your monocle is a little too big.

Likewise, if you find yourself squinting in order to keep the monocle in place, it’s probably too small.

Who Wears A Monocle?
Famous wearers of the Monocle include the astronomer Sir Patrick Moore, boxer Chris Eubank, British politician Joseph Chamberlain and philosopher Karl Marx to name just a few. Philosopher G.E.M. Anscombe was one of very few notable women who are known to have worn a monocle, as was British Sculptor & translator Una Lady Troubridge.
Frame Material: Metal
Style: Full Rim
Shape: Round
Lens Diagonal:
Lens Height:
Bridge Size:
Arm Length:
Frame Width: