Signature Collection

The INeedSpex Signature Collection has evolved from our careful selection of styles

Vintage Glasses

Brand new retro inspired frames & genuine vintage glasses

Welcome to I Need Spex

Vintage and reconditioned eyewear with a personal touch.

Ineedspex has been supplying  prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses at low cost direct to our customers for the past 18 years. We pride ourselves on the quality of our prescription spectacles, on our customer service and on our speedy delivery.

Ineedspex are one of the few online internet shops who will fit quality prescription lenses to YOUR frames. That favourite pair which you treasure, or that designer bargain you picked up at the big name remainder store.


The new frames are made from 18kt gold on top of which is applied 1 micron of 24 kt gold or palladium, which is replacing rhodium.

All soldered joints now feature gold solder with Teflon screws, which will give the temples a smoother movement.

The nose pads are more comfortable and easier to replace. So, all in all, the frames are far superior to before.