John Lennon Glasses with Hockey Tips

SKU: lennonh-GL

John Lennon Glasses inspired to carefully reproduce the original 1960’s iconic style. Available in gold and gunmetal with plastic hockey tips.

Panto eyeglasses, also known as pantoscopic glasses, are characterized by their distinctive rounded or oval-shaped frames with a keyhole bridge. Originating from the 1920s, these glasses gained popularity due to their versatile and flattering design, suitable for a wide range of face shapes. The term "panto" is derived from the word "pantoscopic," which refers to the wide field of vision these frames provide, making them both stylish and functional. Typically, panto eyeglasses feature a retro aesthetic with thin metal or plastic frames, often embraced in vintage or contemporary fashion for their timeless appeal.

Frame Material: Metal
Style: Full Rim
Shape: Round
Lens Diagonal: 47 mm
Lens Height: 42 mm
Bridge Size: 19 mm
Arm Length: 135 mm
Frame Width: 120 mm