Our technical director has been involved with the wonderful medical aid charity Humanity Direct for a number of years through his previous company. We are very pleased to to have the opportunity to continue this relationship.

A need was identified by H.Direct field workers that spectacles needed to be provided for school children in remote areas with visual problems.


Classes are large and the rooms are not well lit, significant numbers of children are struggling to see the chalk board.

Humanity Direct raise funds mainly from people running the marathons they organize to pay for local doctors to screen the children and perform eye tests where necessary.

The prescriptions along with images of the children are emailed to us where the glasses are made up.

Around 65% of the frames we used are donated re cycled frames collected at our events, opticians, churches, mosques or schools. The rest are end of line frames donated by frame suppliers or opticians.

The frames are sorted, reconditioned and the old lenses are removed.

Then they are matched to the child and new lenses to their prescription are fitted.

This June, we traveled to Uganda with the finished glasses to fit them to the children and see the important work being done.


Will was met at the airport by the local field workers and taken to the offices where the glasses were sorted and the agenda for this project was gone through.




Later that afternoon the team set out along challenging roads to the first couple of schools in remote villages.

In all we delivered and fitted around 250 glasses and gained a good understanding of the needs and the work being done to address them.

Why not look up www.humanitydirect.org to see some of the life changing work this amazing charity do. Every penny you give is used to address needs, all volunteers work free of charge and pay their own expenses…………….. but they are rewarded in priceless ways.


We would like to thank: Walker and Campbell opticians, Bushey Heath opticians, Olivers opticians, Emporium Eyewear, Specsavers Ledbury, Owen Hilton, Richard Campbell, Olly Sansum, Sagged Ahmed, Debbie Luff, Zahir Panju, Steve and Susie Nowlan, Eyezee and Arnie Luff and all the people that donated their unwanted glasses.