We at Ineedspex very much want you to be delighted with your new glasses and feel comfortable in them.

If your prescription is more than basic, you will likely benefit from choosing thin, light lenses.

We offer 3 grades of thinned , high refractive index lenses:

Thin, light 1.6(around 25% thinner than std)

Extra thin,light 1.67(around 35% thinner than std)

Ultra thin,light 1.74 (around 50% thinner than std)

Refractive index is a measurement of the speed that light travels through a material. The higher the index, the slower light travels with a resultant increase in refraction.

With high refractive index lenses, not only are they thinner, they are also significantly lighter.

Lens Thickness Comparison

It is also worth considering the type of frame you choose.

Generally, the bigger the frame, the thicker the lenses will be.

Thickness can be more easily hidden in a plastic frame rather than a fine wire metal frame.

If your prescription is medium or high, rimless or semi rimless frames should be avoided.